Elite Turnkey Radio Studio

Elite Turnkey Radio Studio 1Kw

DM Broadcast provides Radio Turnkey Studios for BASIC and TOP LEVEL systems in 3 differtent solutions (STUDIO BASIC, STUDIO SMART, STUDIO ELITE).

Turnkey Radio Studios are optimized to guarantee high quality audio signals including an Automation Software Workstation for 24h non-stop broadcasting, media management applications such as songs, jingle and commercials and everything you need to start your Radio Station from on air desk , digital console, microphones, transmitter and antennas.

Our Turnkey solutions have in factory pre-wiring service, cables interconnections and 1 year remote assistance.

DM Broadcast provides a complete radio system and the know-how to go ON AIR.

Choose the configuration that best suits your needs and start your Radio now!

Radio Station Equipment Package:

- Double Rack Broadcast Desk plus additional guest side
- Studer 12-faders digital mixer with NANO SCORE DSP and I/O Engine, 100 mm faders
- Telephone Hybrid, 2 lines with 2 GSM Module built in
- Advanced Playout with automation software for 24h broadcasting, advert and scheduling management
- ORBAN 5 Bands Audio Processor / RDS Encoder
- 1 NEUMANN large diaphragm consended Microphone with table arm

- 3 AKG Consended Microphones with table arms
- 4 AKG Semi open studio headphones
- JBL Active Monitor

- Cd/MP3 Player
- Digital AM/FM Tuner with RDS
- Cable Kit
- 1Kw Transmission Equipment
- 4 Dipoles Antenna System
- 80 mt power cable, connection cable and splitter

Elite Studio Guest Desk
Basic Pack Connections

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