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The New Revolution

Flu-o is the professional solution suitable for every need


  • Windows standard (7, 8)
  • Sound cards with Wdm driver
  • Multi Format audio files
  • Multi Language Interface
  • Advanced multi-user management
  • Managing multiple broadcasters


Flu-O Playout

  • Automatic, manual or semi assisted function
  • Automatic function on single audio channel
  • Complete control of mix and fade between audio tracks
  • Instant player/Jingle machine with programmable keys and endless layouts
  • Full view of any playlist information
  • Full drag and drop interface management
  • Display and interaction with schedules
  • Prelisten of each track and modification of all mixing points with Graphical Editor (follows editor)
  • Automatic generation of playlists ONAIR according to the parameters of programming
  • On air audio track waveform display
  • Time signal automatic control
  • Automated management of news, programs, horoscopes and weather 
  • External devices management
  • External devices management via TCP/IP, GPIO, LIVE WIRE
  • Powerful management of live and programmed voice tracks
  • Cart machine up to 4 live assistant players
  • Live recording Multichannel
  • Dispaly on 2 monitors
  • Reading of the playlist from external scheduler
  • Automatic switch to backup device in case of network or server failure

philo media manager

philo media manager logo

Philo Media Manager, the software for storage and scheduling of programming.

The creation of schedules is easy and intuitive and can be managed at different levels, from manual, very simple thanks to the drag and drop of individual elements or entire programming blocks, to fully automatic. The software is multilingual, the name and the mandatory nature of the fields are customizable

Main features

  • Archive songs, clips, commercials, programs, shows, automations
  • Management of TV shows (show, sports championships, series etc..) with planning of episodes and replicas, setting of combined theme songs, jingles and graphics
  • Programming parametric flash animations, banners, automatic start and stop of the playout
  • Setting of opening and closing jingle and advertising interlude
  • Editing file (MarkIn, MarkOut, Intro, Outro, RefrainIn, RefrainOut)
  • Multiple markings of programs
  • Setting of programming blocks
  • Parametric programming
  • Management of the schedule structure according to the days of the week
  • Management of infinite templates for the creation of the schedule
  • Manual and automatic schedule creation
  • Management of manual playlists
  • Multi-channel management
  • Color customization of charts/categories/groups
  • Customization of required fields
  • Customization of views
  • Drag and drop
  • Event management
  • Setting of graphic styles
  • Management of graphic layout
  • Management of time stopset
  • Management of live sources


khronos AV video logger

khronos AV video logger logo

Kronos-AV is an advanced audio logging software for digital non-stop recording.

The acquired files are automatically indexed by date and time, through a simple Media Player it is possible to access immediately to the content, also from a computer on the network..
KHRONOS-AV has a setup which allows complete customization of software use: you can chose the length of each file, as well as possibile scegliere la durata di ogni singolo file, as well as audio compression and video codecs and resolution. Furthermore it’s possible to set the font, colour, background or transparency, dimension and position, in case of overlay text.

Main features

  • Multi-channel modular structure expandable up to 4 channels on the same video server
  • Automatic customizable overlay date / time on videotaped material
  • Storage records are configurable to specific customer needs
  • Recording quality can be defined based on the available disk space: audio/video codec, frame per second, image size
  • Automatically deletes oldest files
  • Supports Local Area Network (LAN) to view recordings from unlimited clients on the network or from remote computers
  • Distribute Internet and intranet images as actually transmitted

flu O tv playout

flu O tv playout logo

Flu-O TV Playout is the complete system for the management and planning of broadcasting, both for television stations of small size as well as multichannel systems.

Flu-O TV Playout is an innovative playout software that integrates broadcasting system requirements functions into one program: playout, graphics generator and video mixer to manage up to 4 different external inputs.

Flu-O TV is characterized by a high flexibility which allows to use it for classic channel television, informative television, innovative music channels and “RadioVision”.

Main features:

  • Playout
  • Graphics Generator
  • Video mixer
  • Chance to have up to 4 external inputs
  • Audio/video preview
  • Viewing and editing playlists
  • Full access to the entire database
  • Ability to upload manual playlists
  • Monitoring of live events
  • Management of graphic layout
  • Monitoring of graphics in real time
  • Parametric flash animations are supported
  • Management of banner advertising
  • Edit Markin and Markout in real time
  • View of broadcast log and of all operations carried out by the user
  • Management of external devices Tcp/Ip, Serial, Gpio (matrixes, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control)
  • Real-time updating of the clip markings in the schedule
  • Broadcast reconciliation

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