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Discover DMVibe3Vibe6audio processors

Vibe 3 FM

3 Bands FM Audio Processor with MPX and RDS encoder

Vibe 6 FM

6 Bands FM Audio Processor with MPX and RDS encoder


Vibe FM gives the radio a good On Air presence, combined with a natural and clear sound. The audio processing and RDS/MPX encoders are implemented by DSP.

The processing chain includes a two band AGC which is provided to the 6 bands audio processor.
The audio processing and RDS/MPX encoders are realized by DSP, allowing a stable operation over time and the possibility to implement new functions through software updates.

The Ethernet Streaming Card (optional) allows to have MP3/AAC+ streams as an alternative source, thus forming a complete stream to the Vibe Processor Unit. In this case, the audio signal coming from the network will be directly processed by the DSP and converted to analog only at MPX output, thus realizing an entirely digital processing chain.

TechnicaI Features:

  • XLR AnaIog Audio Input, eIectronicaIIy baIanced
  • XLR DigitaI Audio Input supporting AES-EBU and SPD IF sampIe rates from 32 to 6 KHz
  • SCA Input
  • BNC Connectors for SCA, External RDS interface and MPX Output
  • XLR AnaIog Audio Output, eIectronicaIIy baIanced
  • XLR Digital Audio Output supporting AES/EBU (optional)
  • RDS encoder
  • PI, TP, TA , DI , PS, RT, RT+, GT, AF-A , A F-B, PTY
  • Remote controI, Radiotext+, GT and dynamic PS are managed by incIuded software (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • RS- 232 Port
  • Ethernet Card
  • Ethernet Streaming Receiver Card (optionaI)
  • Power SuppIy 100-240 VAC - 50/ 60 HZ

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