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Micro Series

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The Studer Micro Series is a compact and cost-effective digital audio mixing system that provides the features and functionality of a high-end mixing system. By combining renowned Studer quality with powerful features including AoIP, Lexicon effects processing, VoiceMix automatic mixing and more, the Studer Micro Series delivers unprecedented value for a variety of applications. Comprised of the core unit, graphical user interface and optional fader control surface, the Studer Micro Series is ideal for radio and TV broadcast, production studios, ENG/DSNG and more. With full control from any standard web browser or tablet, the Studer Micro Series provides everything you need for your facility in one box.

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Micro Core Specs

Audio I/O:

  •  4x HQ Mic Inputs
  •  8x Line Inputs
  • 12x Line Outputs
  •  2x AES Pairs I/O (Input SRC)
  •  8x DANTE I/O (AoIP)
  •  Dedicated DJ and Guest Headphone Out
  •  2x USB Playback & Record (Stereo) Ports


  •  12x Fat Input Channels (Mono or Stereo with De-Esser, 4-band Parametric EQ, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Compressor, Noise Gate and Ducking)
  •  VoiceMix Automatic Mixing on all Mono Inputs
  •  2x Stereo Lexicon Effects Engines
  •  Stereo PGM & REC Buses
  •  4x Stereo Aux Sends (configurable as N-1)
  •  Brickwall Limiter on Outputs
  •  Input & Output Routing
  •  Independent Stereo USB Track Player (Simple Internal Automation Playout System)/Recorder and Jingle Player

Additional Connections:

  •  External Redundant 12V DC PSU
  •  Dedicated Wordclock I/O (AES & DANTE also available)
  •  12x GPIO
  •  USB and HDMI
  •  LAN
  •  2x PoE for Control Surfaces


  • Proven Studer sound quality and performance
  • Compact, integrated form factor
  • Comprehensive array of I/O including AoIP (Dante)
  • High-quality Studer mic/line inputs
  • Fully controllable via LAN or Wi-Fi using an HTML 5-capable web browser on computer/tablet
  • Internal Wi-Fi router for connecting with computers and tablets
  • Optional physical fader control surface
  • Highly acclaimed Studer VoiceMix automatic mixing algorithm can mix up to 12 mono inputs
  • Automatic input gain level calibration on each mic input
  • Integrated stereo recorder, track player and jingle player
  • 2x stereo Lexicon multi-effects


Get updated software with the latest version 2.0 available now!

Studer Micro Series V2.0 software is a free update for registered Studer Micro Series customers and designed to add powerful new features that improve the Studer Micro mixing workflow and user experience. The V2.0 update enhances the Micro Series with ducking, user access privileges, assignable FX, and more usability improvements including the previously announced VoiceMix (auto mixing) functionality.

Studer Micro Software v2.0.2839


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