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5 good reasons to choose the RADIOVISION:

  • Improving brand reputation
  • Present radio programs in a visual way on new media (smartphone, tablet, internet, smart TV, etc.)
  • Produce Live and cost effective shows and content for TV
  • Integrate your trasmission with the support of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for listener loyalty
  • New space for commercials: Banner advertising, Text Crowl advertising, Flash animation advertising, Cross Media promotion.

Radiovision, where listeners become viewers.

DM Broadcast’s Radio Vision Studio is a compact visual radio workstation that lets users broadcast their radio station on television or the internet.

With automatic voice detection and camera switching via the FluO Visual Radio System, the entire equipment is housed in one  unit, which comprises professional mics, headphone inputs and a DM Broadcast Vibe 6 six-band audio processor with built-in A/V ins/outs and loudness control. An additional table welcomes guests in order to let them participate actively in the show.

All-in-one Radio Vision Workstation is fitted with all necessary modules to allow staff to manage one or more visual radio studios - playout, streaming, commercials planning, scheduling, recording, editing and  post-production with SDI and HDMI ins/outs and an A/V mixer with up to four built-in inputs.  

The workstation also comprises an LCD monitor, full HD cameras, a lighting system as well as a logger so operators can record programs.

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