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DM Broadcast can achieve soundproofing solutions to suit your needs. Starting from the soundproofing panels of various colors and sizes, up to doors and windows suitable for your radio studio.

PVC insulated door

Interior soundproof door, made in PVC and glass, custom built with 4 beats and double acoustic sealing gasket, composed of frame in extruded insulated aluminum and transparent or etched multiple crystals.

The door is supplied complete with internal and external handle with key lock option; possibility of inclusion of door closers and panic exit devices. The closure is via adjustable ratchets.

In order to avoid having the step you may consider the door with three beats and a draft stopper seal on the bottom; in this case the stated acoustic seal is not guaranteed.

Standard color available: white.


Soundproof windows in PVC, single or double

Double soundproof windows (one per side) in reinforced and insulated PVC.
Acoustic windows in multiple layers on a frame with air chamber.
Glass stoppers and pre-installed seals to be removed before installation.  



Corner Bass traps

Bass traps with circular cavities cm 30x30x48 (4 pcs./pkg.)

bass trap

Floating bases

The basement completely isolates the instrument using a floating system that eliminates any noise bridge. It’s built using fireproof panels class I, that originally are composed of several layers of different thickness and density, floating masses, fireproof technical polyester and carpet fiber of class I origin; the basement rests on adjustable feet that damper the vibrations, it has a high specific weight (50 kg / sqm) and inside various floating masses ensure a decoupling from the floor itself by limiting the best mechanical transmission. The inner lining is made of indestructible technical carpet that best suits the floatation and prevents slippage of the instruments (eg. drums or measuring instrument).


Pyramidal panels

The pyramidal panel is sound-absorbing, made of a flexible, self-extinguishing, non-drip polyurethane foam. Its surface is profiled in a pyramid shape. Available in the following colors: blue, red, black.

For its performance features and the particular pyramid shape that distinguishes it, it fits perfectly into any room for public use such as: recreation rooms in general, music rooms, recording studios, radio and television control rooms, theaters, cinemas, discos etc.

pannelli piramidali

Panels for acoustic correction

TC 48 interlock and Bass Trasps GEAR

The acoustic panels of the TC 48s line differ from others, because of their aesthetic and technical appearance, and the flexibility of installation.

The aesthetic aspect is given by the finish of the front, made with an acoustic cloth which gives a bright and furnishing aspect.

Technically the panels are of 2 thicknesses: 50 and 100 mm, and then allow to "curb" a greater number of frequencies which, together with the bass trasps act on a very wide spectrum.

Their "flexibility of installation" is given by the fixed measuring 48x48 cm that harmonizes with the 50 and the 100 mm thickness  and the new captors of low frequency Bass Traps GEAR.

Made in Italy, they consist of certified polyurethane foam with fire resistance class UL 94 and coated with specific fabric for sound.

pannelli correzione


The acoustic panels of the EXA line are the summary of a thorough research. Made of euro class (B-s2, d0) polyester fiber, they are coated with a special material, which enhances the features  of the phono absorbency and in the meantime giving them an elegant look and making them pleasant to the touch.

The rhombus shape lends itself to the composition of various geometric shapes interrupting the linearity of the shapes with parallel sides.

Made by special heat presses TC EXA are thermoformed and made with high density material. The maximum thickness reaches 60 mm giving a density greater than 50 kg / m3

pannelli correzione2


The basic acoustic panels of the EXA line are made of open cell polyurethane UL 94.

Their surface is coated with specific smooth fabric that hides the front, so as to have a stylish look, that retains the features of phono absorbency.

The standard thickness is 49 mm with a density  of 30 kg / m3 - The maximum diameter is 58 cm, the minimum is 50.

The TC EXA are used in medical environments, meeting rooms, offices, reception, shops and wherever they are necessary in order to eliminate the glare in an elegant way and where a Class I fire reaction is necessary.

pannelli correzione3


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